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the world has lost a very great and beautiful man

an amazing human lost the battle against cancer yesterday

you will be forever missed


just nod if you can hear me

Going through rainy West London with Floyd in my ears.
Comfortable numb, can’t hardly listen to it without crying yet I can’t stop listening to it.

rainy weekend ahead

i actually don’t mind
I am going to spend the weekend under my duvet hating cancer

driving through snow

on the bus to Stockholm, going to see the young ones before I head back to London
I wish I could just stay at the hospital, I wish there was something I could do, I wish I could cure cancer.
I have to go back to my job and London, but I will do something for cancer research, I having a dialogue with Cancer Research UK
I will let you know pretty soon.

Now I am going to recharge my batteries with the best niece and nephew in the world

outside this window the world is still spinning

I don’t even know what day it is
another morning at the hospital after another dreadful night…
We are listening to Neil young while trying to numb the big, pink elephant in the room, the elephant known as cancer. It is hard since the elephant is taking up more and more space.

life is so far from fair

life is not fair and it is killing me that there is nothing I can do

I need to be strong for my family