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My little protege is gone

Becca’s last night yesterday, now she is on the way back to Sweden
i ran down to Frenchy for a little cry this morning
I’m gonna miss that little girl so much
Her good bye party at her bar reminded me so much about Baccus, goo how I miss my dear friends at my bar in SF…. there is something darn special with “regulars”

here are some pics, i’m gonna do some Christmas cooking


happy Birthday Ronan and Rosarie

two of my most awesome friends are celebrating their birthdays today
this is how we celebrated it 2 years ago in San francisco

I wish i could be with you and go to the phone both for some popcorn, jäger and laughs

i am a coughing slob on antibiotic

it’s super great weather outside, summer came back, everyone is enjoying themselves and i am stuck half sitting in my bed coughing my lungs out (and some nasty shit is coming up, trust me)
i’m eating tomato soup and exploring the world wide web, pissed since i am missing the last episode of Breaking News at work, missing Friday fun and frat party tomorrow.
gonna down another lemsip and dream about California

the surf bar at the pier

Halloween in Santa Barbara

T-shirt shoot at Revision3

checking out the bridge with my beautiful mother

i miss

these 3 awesome girls

When i get back to London i’m gonna make you Mojitos and Potatoes al dente
my place, before we go out and sit in an alley with cans…

now i wish i was in SF

so i could go see the very talented Mr Mike Patton
I adore that guy and wish one day we could work on a project together, that is for sure on my bucket list.
please everyone i know in San Francisco, go see that show and send me some pictures, well, fuck the pictures, just go and see it, cause its so worth it
i am jealous.
I’m gonna see some cows tomorrow, that’s pretty cool too, i guess…

love love love


and 5 months ago…

thank you for everything, girls you are amazing

time for bed

tomorrow is my last day here, i’m gonna miss the kids, me and Alexandra are basically bff’s now.
i wonder what she will say on Friday morning when there’s no auntie to jump on in the morning….
had a great time here… looking forward to go home though, i miss Curry as fuck and can’t wait to see him.
A little bit worried if all my stuff will fit in my bag (thank you again Jenny) You get it back as soon as i get back to London.
Have some more footage to go through and wanna edit a “best of Sweden” but I’ll wait until i get home, the wmm is killing me, i’ll get a heart attack if i try to edit with that again.
Bringing back the gaming laptop to Curry, and I am planning to teach him how to play Starcraft… 🙂
good night my dear friends… time for bed, getting up early with the toddlers