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lifted like a virgin

I thought he was about to punch me first, but oh no, he just wanted some attention and to grab me a bit

Karaoke at the White horse at its best


after a few too many Jd and coke

in of the shittiest bar in Shepherds bush
I am declaring that “I love rock n roll”

last Saturday was a blast
who is up for the next one?


this is my secret wild card for if i ever (read saturday) go sing karaoke…
Bonkes are you in?
need to learn Noel Fielding’s choreography and i’m done

Only two types of people wear sunglasses indoors. Blind people and assholes

im not blind

we came too late to actually sing karaoke, but it was still time to drink
so drank we did and back we will come
(hangover yoda is typing)
i adore these girls, we had the greatest conversations; drunken, swedish, raw – girl conversations
got the best idea for nail design…
Another thing i adore is my new vest, three pounds at Primark…

this woman was cool as fuck, great whiskey voice