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i think i fell in love a little bit

a stunning one bed room in Kilburn…
want to print this picture and put it up on my wall for inspiration!
i want it, i want it, i want it….


a morning walk in Kilburn

mission: go to work
mood: tired but happy
weather: rainy, not so cold as i thought
thoughts: life is pretty amazing, i am glad and proud of what i’ve done with it so far…
music: Joy division – Twenty four hours

brunch in bed

The Christmas light is on and im having one of them perfect lazy mornings right now, eating a breakfast burrito and drinking coffee.
Sending off some emails and cv’s, please, let this be my lucky day – it started to awesomely awesome.
Gonna meet up Jenny here in Kilburn soon… maybe I can kidnap her to Camden market later on…

even the trash is beautiful here

a few more

Kilburn by night

went for a walk to get some supper… vienetta!! Love ice cream for dinner

oh Kilburn how I adore you

when i walked home yesterday i couldn’t stop smiling, i felt so happy after
a good productive day despite the rain and wet toes… The meetings made me positive and  thrilled.
On the way home i was running around like a headless chicken trying to find the right tube, and all of a sudden it hits me;
I live in Fucking London!!!
I have a place to live, with the man i love, working on a super exciting project – in London!
damn i love my life