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afternoon date

Wish me luck
Hoping to fix one of the major changes in my life


sunday mags and fruits

Gonna have a nap in the sun now
Talk to you later

Plan for today, boil them lungs

I’m gonna pack my little basket with water, magazines and fruit and stroll down to a park and get myself some Vitamin D.
Sunshine and fresh air is good for you. period.

feel way better a few days after i started the antibiotic, i can breath again, still have a hideous cough during nights but the feeling of an elephant standing on my chest is gone.

two girls and some junk

found a cool junk yard with everything and nothing
billions books about world war 2 mixed with love and poetry books
the best thing was the big picture frame in the middle

Ballerina, you must have seen her dancing in the sand

At noon a very Becca and myself decided to fight our demons and go and have brunch in the park.
Thought a little bit of fresh air would do good to my lungs and her aching head we packed for a little picnic, (a proper one this time, Lotta)
Look at my little protégé, dancing around in Shepherd’s Bush… me, I was walking like an old lady, all i missed was a cane.

looking for an off licence

With my beautiful women

who let the beer out

Mia or me?