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I am so photogenic it hurts

if you click here you can see some more pictures from last weekend


got a pressie

A ring by Lotta specially made for me

passed by these and thought about…

my talented friend, Lotta
Unfortunately my cell did not manage to capture all the colors (or the feeling)
But at least I tried 🙂

but beautiful leaves in London (hence the phone booth)

merry Xmas

watched the Muppets Christmas Carol eating After Eight in the bed…
got awesome christmas presents!!!
my baby is the best!! thank you
Got snus from Rickard
my mother got me a fancy fanny (blingfitta) made by Lotta awesome!!!
she is such a great jewelry designer!! LOVE that she is making fancy fannies ! update, glam pussy is the correct word
wearing my hat i got from Curry, my new Christmas socks, watch and shirt!
Gonna eat bacon and drink some wine
Merry Christmas!!!

just a piece of meat

When i read this, about babies in cellophane, I’m thinking about when i made these
Barbies covered in ground beef…

it was for an exhibition and ATA in SF turned in to the red light district
I was contributing with the girls that was “just a piece of meat”
and i was also modeling for the big canvas that was covered in peepholes…