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i hope to see you all there

Lets all get hammered and listen to some really great rock n roll

You don’t wanna miss out – believe me


u either wanna fuck him or be him

That’s how you could divide the audience tonight (me, I want both)
James Black, what a fucking front figure, what a scene personality!
I received a rock n roll fist in the face the second the Howling entered the stage, it was sick, and I couldn’t even be bothered clapping cause I my hands were too busy pick my jaw up off the floor.

Sometimes someone (read me ) needs to spend a night with a very close friend, having a few pints, enjoy masturbation- worthy rock n roll and not think of cancer and its devil power…
Just that.
Sometimes you just have to remember to live, no mather how hard it seems.

I wanna sing in a band again

cheese and lunatics

had a massive sleep in and a great breakfast
mozzarella, brie and salami

Today I am going to disappear in editing land, working on a real fun project.
Needs to be done at the same time as a certain release.

first thing i saw when i opened my email this morning was this amazing picture

Louise, Rob and me when we went to see Mia Klose a few days ago.
She is such a star on stage, next show you should come!!

Easter with the hotest chick in London


killer heels and lipstick

Good morning my little chickens
While I am trying to catch up with all the joy a Monday can give I’ll leave you with a picture of Hotness personified. I shot some behind the scenes from Mia’s photo shoot this Saturday, a very freezing but oh so productive day, that girl is such a pro.
(and so damn hot)

world premiere – Single and video release

My great talented friend Mia is releasing her single
Never too late
download it for free here
The promotion video that has premier tonight as well is shot and edited by me and staring the absolutely fabulous Mia Klose
watch and enjoy

I am so proud of us

in editing land

it’s me and final cut pro tonight
Mia Klose is so fucking hot!!!