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in editing land

it’s me and final cut pro tonight
Mia Klose is so fucking hot!!!


now i wish i was in SF

so i could go see the very talented Mr Mike Patton
I adore that guy and wish one day we could work on a project together, that is for sure on my bucket list.
please everyone i know in San Francisco, go see that show and send me some pictures, well, fuck the pictures, just go and see it, cause its so worth it
i am jealous.
I’m gonna see some cows tomorrow, that’s pretty cool too, i guess…

spent some time in terminal studios

shooting with Mia

great time and as i mentioned before, that girl can really sing… i can’t wait to show you guys what we are doing… not yet though.
But I am really excited about this project.

dream team

sitting and working with some rough cuts
i really have a great feeling about this

yesterday was so productive, Mia and I have a very similar vision
I believe in this project
the rest of my time i am continuously folding clothes
gotta get up 5.30 tomorrow
good night my dear friends

and in the end of the night I can hold your hand

right now i am most likely on the way to work, 25 minutes on my dear cold bus,
music in my ears and shades on…
and most likely i am gonna hear this song

a few times today
it is on one of the albums that we are constantly playing
but i really like this song
Curry is off today and I am working.. as usual 😦
but i am coming home to this

Yes in the end of the night when I can be with you

TRH made the Gothic Paradise Ethereal Radio Top 10 again at #2! :D

I just twittered about the The Right Hand and my song Little You (yes, please download it if you want to hear me sing)
and i saw this on facebook