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I want to say Happy Birthday to this talented and beautiful woman

the mother of my niece and nephew
the wife of my brother
my friend and
my sister in law, Linda!!!

if you want to make her happy today on her birthday you should click here to like her company’s facebook page
and here to read the same company’s blog.


a year ago i got a great great present

my wonderful little nephew Kevin was born

oh how i love you my favorite boy in the world

happy birthday
auntie will be there soon to hug you

good morning my dear friends

had a proper sleep in, first time in Sweden this time, My brother took the kids up to granny and told the kids that “auntie need to sleep, she is not used to this”
he is so right, being an auntie to toddlers is a fulltime job and i am wrecked.
in a good way tho
been relaxing with the laptop while listening to Bowie (anyone chocked?) Bewlay brothers is one of the best songs in the world. period.
Now Kev came in to my room and we swop Bowie for Giggle bellies, not to shabby either 🙂
okej friends, time for coffee

cows and city people = good mix… (who let the cows out)

a video from when they let the cows out….

Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.

need to hang out with this dude too

my incredible little brother!!!
Gonna have to book a ticket to Sweden soon, been way to long since i was there

my nephew is a star

help him become the face of a baby magazine in Sweden for one issue
all you have to do is go here and click rösta
(vote in Swedish)
you, my friends are the best, remember last year
thanks to you, me and my niece ended up at shared second place
please help us again, it takes less than 15 sec