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blog post upon request

i got a love note yesterday
Gemma loves me!!

I did save it, the note is safe in my home
thank you!!!!


my day in pictures

had to take the tube since the bus was stuck in traffic, the trip to work became really expensive

glad i brought snus…

hugging my favorite Latvian at work

since it was sunny outside me and Rachel felt that shades was a great idea in the basement

i worked some more and then i left oxford street

to come home and take care of my little baby, he now has bandages on his fingers…
gonna have mac n cheese for late dinner and be a nurse
Curry says hi and thank you for your concern…


got my giftcard from Ahlens!!!

the giftcard

And it all thanks to YOU who voted for me
thank you for all the “gilla”
i ended up as number 3, but got a shared 2nd price
Thank YOU

using wordpress until

i decide what i want to do…
 still like wordpress though, this is like some form of rebound…
wont last.. and i might go back to squarespace… when i can afford it
yes, it’s that bad at the moment….

i’m trying to stay positive
even though i have no money what so ever and really really need a job
i’m having a pretty good life and i am happy