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i am so happy

look at this, my first huvudfoting
I was skyping with my niece a few weeks ago and she painted ME, Linda sent it to me in the mail.

look at it, i have a massive ear
it’s so cute
this needs to be framed!


happy birthday my beautiful, wonderful little niece

i can’t believe she is two years old already…
two years ago, i was so nervous, all i could think about was that I was gonna be an auntie, my little brother was about to become a dad!!!
my mother called me on my shift, Alexandra was born!
All my customers at Bacchus had a shot to my niece,
“to baby Alexandra Stenmark”
I am so happy you are in the world!!!
the proudest auntie ever is gonna love you forever

(i wanted to upload a bunch of cute pictures of Alexandra here, but it doesn’t work at the moment, have a look at the film clip instead)

Wide awake since six

I’ve been awake since six
I woke up with the thought in my head that the baby is on it’s way, and couldn’t get back to sleep after that.
I’m going shopping with my sister in law and my niece today, and all I could think about before I went to sleep yesterday was “ what if she gives birth in the mall??”
She is due in 10 days….. and I’m so nervous
Being an aunt is hard!!
Breakfast and coffee? Probably won’t go back to sleep anyway

we are here

Alexandra has been running around on the lawn finding new things every second with her auntie just right behind… we’ve been building a tent, saying hello to the cows and just randomly looking and touching every singe thing…
we had a nice bbq and managed to eat the first time of the dinner outside then the rain hit us and we had to run inside to finish it – typical Swedish summer now a happy and exhausted Camilla is going to sleep
new adventures for the Stenmark family tomorrow

building a tent

the cows says moooo

the sky right before the rain


relaxing with a glass of red wine

oh, if you haven’t done it yet, please vote for us in the competition we’re in
press “Gilla” on both our pictures me and my niece
we do need your help, just a few days left