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my desk is turning into a nail saloon

Me and Kamilla have shared custody of all these small bottles
Na na na na na nail girls, nail girs, nail girls


crazy nail design

i need nail glue
looking at pictures of cool nails and really want to make myself some new ones
these are just amazing…

happy Saint Patrick’s Day

listening to the Pogues, dancing around and want a pint of Guinness, but oh no, gotta work
how the fuck am i gonna be able to fold with these nails???
actually, this is not nails….. i have talons
tons of love to my Irish family in san francisco
love you to infinity and beyond

well, tons of love to all of you 🙂

new nails…

been busy painting nails today, got my 500 pack that i ordered from ebay today…
now i am ready for Lá Fhéile Pádrai

first time i’ve made nails like this… a little bit shaky but damn it was fun
i cursed like a motherf####r and my fingers got all green

barbie nails

didn’t have time to decorate them and be all creative
so pink and short will do for now
i am so happy i am moving in a week
hoping around and dancing with my pink nails in my shithole room
kinda don’t mind it now
because i know i am leaving

more nail inspiration (Cowabunga)

sorry, but i am totally hooked on cool nails at the moment
and these are just adorable, doesn’t look to hard to combine with real life either…

big fan of tmnt since i was a kid, i wanted to be a turtle for a while, Michelangelo is my favorite

nail inspiration

i really wanna do my nails…
i am thinking of making them myself, much cheaper and they will be very individual…
look at these, so cool.

these are really cool, but i wonder how functional they are? i’ll probably wont be able to play star craft…?

maybe i should just go for this design?