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on a meeting – Bring a hand puppet, preferably an animal…

ask it to clarify difficult points…
My life now is just meeting and planning, both on the personal and profesional level
Got a new role at work i am over the moon – so excited
tell you more later
have to continue reading up on some things
and drink coffee


closing a door and opening another

my last shift at Urban today…. feels weird, wonderful and sad at the same time.
Met so many wonderful people there, many good friends and i had a couple of awesome months there.
Yet again it feels so great to move on to something i really want to do.
I am bringing the camera today and gonna take pictures of my lovely peers and hug them to infinity.
Tomorrow i start my new job and I am so excited.
I literally cant wait.

in one week

i start my new job
i can’t believe it, i am so excited!!!!!
are you with me counting down the days???
now i am off to my current job, a few more shifts, i’m gonna miss alot of them people working there, you guys are amazing.
so much laughter and great conversations, and i found a couple of really good friends.
i am so thankful for Urban, but now it’s time to move on, and i am fucking ready for it!!!!
listening to the Ark now and drinking coffee, life is great

i got a new job

found out yesterday
i am over the moon
8 more shifts left at Urban
then i will officially work as an on air producer for a broadcasting group, operating commercial television
i am so happy
no more folding clothes 🙂
i love my life

bye all, i’m off to my new job

and i’m feeling great!!!!

if you see a little Swede jumping around in Oxford Circus, that’s just me.
see you later and hope you all have a great day as well…

I’ma Let you finish, but I’ma Christmas tree

drinking coffee and watching the morning news…suicide bombers, weddings and Matt Cardle. I thought he was a worthy winner, i did put money on One direction though, i thought it would be easy money since all the young teenage girls would vote for them, but obviously Matt has been getting most votes through the whole season. (they just said that on telly)
this year has been the first time ever i’ve watched X Factor (me and 35 million people were watching this weekend) i followed the whole season, now it’s over (what am i gonna do Satudays now??) maybe i can have my life back..? But i really enjoyed it.