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tasty Friday starts now

This sexy piece of pizza is in the oven, chilled Stella is poured in a glass..
I think this is the beginning of a great Friday night


the weekend Bonke joined us

these words has been the key words;
Brie, doritos, pizza, Bonke, beer, the strongbow dance, cheese fight, strongbow, more pizza, garlic bread, drunk swedes, drunk irish man and drunk frenchies, bogvisir, roasted potatoes, birthdays, park hang, shades, same cozy trousers for 48 hours, jd and coke, jd without coke, shots of vodka in the toilet, spaghetti with milk, total misär, broken doors and head ache

glad i had to go shoot today… felt amazing to leave the house with a larger purpose than to get more pizza.

eating like a pig

“Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza.”
i have to live next to a pizza place, its necessary for my existence

pizza, telly and the laptop

lovely Friday night!!!

it’s getting cold now, hopped in my cozy trousers and had pizza in the bed, now we’re watching TV and just having a nice,comfortable Friday night…
tomorrow i am celebrating 11 weeks without a single drink!!! I am amazing!!

lazy the day after – day

not moving at all today
in the couch with chips and popsicles,
watching episode after episode of How i met your mother
pizza is on the way
soda is on the way
we even ordered a pack of smokes – yeah – luxuries !!
Germany – Argentina on TV….
the pizza might take a while they probably wont start make it until football is over
had a great night yesterday met up with some old colleagues, I haven’t seen most of them in almost five years…
tons of hugs, beer and laughter