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did dome shopping

I just went in for a pair of shoes…. And I didn’t even get them… Just a bag full of other stuff.
Primark is dangerous


after a visit to Primark

Got myself some pillows (and a whole bag of crap)
Love starting at 5… The downside is tho, I spend too much money, I’m glad Primark is next to free.
And I need socks since all mine seem to be all my flat mate’s property

Shopping at Oxford st…

….sounds so much classy than the actual truth, “shopping at Primark”
but the store is located at Oxford st, so i am not lying.

Jennifer is posing

i look like i just #### myself
me and Jennifer from Dublin did a massive stroll around the store, lost each other a bunch of times, found each other again and left with a huge Primark bag each, very happy!
Got the absolutely best gift for Linda, i did show here over skype and she laughed so much

a sneak peak, she will show you later in her blog when she’ll get it
maybe she will even get it personal delivered… more about that later…
It’s raining outside, gotta love London
Trying to get a hold of Jenny and Klara, wanna do my nails!!!!

Only two types of people wear sunglasses indoors. Blind people and assholes

im not blind

we came too late to actually sing karaoke, but it was still time to drink
so drank we did and back we will come
(hangover yoda is typing)
i adore these girls, we had the greatest conversations; drunken, swedish, raw – girl conversations
got the best idea for nail design…
Another thing i adore is my new vest, three pounds at Primark…

this woman was cool as fuck, great whiskey voice

back from Primark

we went to the small one, the tube was closed and neither of us felt well.
Strolled around in Kilburn, love, love, LOVE this area
Found some cool things at Primark, a ring, shades and socks, tons of socks, the fall is here.

me and my Primark bag

my new shades, 50p