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still not smoking

Been over 7 weeks since I quit… I am not writing about it so much because it FEELS SO GOOD!!
It is so much easier than I thought – because I really wanted to quit I don’t think there is a point trying unless you’ve really decided that you want to.
I’m doing great and don’t even really miss it.
Thoughts on that?


cheese won

Ofcourse you are right, cheese it is.
When I went to the store I accidentally grabbed some salmon too. The Camenbert looked so lonely….
What made me really decide was, if I’d smoke still I would have spent equal amount on smokes – and still found a way to survive until pay day.
And cheese n salmon is way better for your lungs…. 😉
4 weeks today, I suppose this is a little celebration meal.

hey, look at this, Swedish nails

All I do now is work, cook, eat and paint my nails.
I’m a terrible blog-updater, but hey, a picture of my newly painted nails – at work, is quit a treat a wednesday morning, no?
I tell you what’s a treat a wednesday morning, the breakfast, you know what, since I love you so much, I’m gonna take a picture of that too.

3 weeks and 3 days since I quit smoking…

18 days since I quit smoking

I am constantly hungry
it is not too hard but it is hard enough.
especially after food, with coffee, with alcohol, waiting on the bus, stressed situations etc
I obviously don’t need the nicotine as much as I miss the habit.
Co worker told me: “can you manage this week without cigarettes, you’ve really managed to quit”
Who’s with me?

complement to the chef

I came into the kitchen, M and A have just finished the pie I made.

M: – The food was absolutely amazing
A: – I licked the plate
M: – He licked the plate, it was that good. You should work as a chef
A: – I told her that before but she doesn’t listen
M: – Your food is amazing

I’m about to explode

my eyes are red, I feel like a fucking heroin addict

so badly i am wearing shades inside 🙂

4 days without a smoke!!!
thank you all for the support, you are amazing
I am climbing the walls….

i’m saying it (quite) loud and i’m saying it proud

I am really trying to quit smoking.
I’ve erased this blog post and started it again a few time now, it looks so real in print and it is kind of scary.
But I think I can do it.
I started to count how much I spend a year and that really helps to motivate me.

Eating after eight and wrapping some christmas gifts while listening to Xmas music on spotify…
Holidays are here and I am loving it