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under my (orange) umbrella la la

Good morning, on the bus that (again) took ages to show up.
(Every 8-9 minutes my a##)
Had a great celebration for 2 launches yesterday but either I emptied the glasses in record speed or it was one of those days…
However I gave up pretty early, crawled home, made popcorn and watched Sherlock Holmes.
Today I feel like a king (with wet socks again, my shoes does not like rain)
How do you like my umbrella?


national gallery and rain

Some pictures from yesterday

me outside the national gallery

surfing in the rain, our 6 year old pose

The whole Covent garden smelled delicious from that paella, we watched some street performers and tried to avoid the rain.
It’s so cool to meet my people from San Francisco, here back in London… the world is so small, that is all i can say.

good morning rain

I might need an umbrella

it’s a face in the rain smiling at me, can you see it_?

let me tell you one more great thing about my living situation…

got a text yesterday….
Curry telling me we’re out of electricity… we’re the only house on the block, the only house in fucking Kilburn, having a blackout.
for four hours.
and it was pissing down rain.
but when the hero and the fixer of electricity (me) came back home the power was back on in just a few minutes…. all it needed was my presence….

i took these pictures when i was waiting for the bus, knowing that i’m gonna come back home to a blackout flat.
And because i have a camera now, and why not celebrate that by using it in the rain… and jeopardize my camera’s safety, and i can’t even say it’s for the art, the photos are not really…,  breathtaking…
For the record, if i have not ben telling you this yet, i wanna move!

“There was a power outage at a department store yesterday. Twenty people were trapped on the escalators” – Steven Wright

a rainy day with gumbo

ignored  the rain and went for some grocery shopping, the dinner for tonight will be Gumbo- the Camilla style… chicken, shrimps, salami and bacon… tons of veggies, spuds and rice… spicy as f##k….
think that will be a warm, nice and tasty surprise when my hard  working hubby gets home…
never go shopping hungry… you might end up buying fast food – the bracelet version…
Now i’m chopping, stirring and cooking while listening to my neighbor playing loud gospel… life could be worse 🙂

London weather today

rain rain rain, suits me perfect though since the plan it to combine being a business woman and a housewife today,working from home and going to cook something awesome for dinner…Any suggestions?

the day after

had ice cream for breakfast!!

nice walking around in the rain

the rain makes me This happy

a bracelet from my baby

wig - the number one must when it's your birthday

pizza instead of cake

so, now i’m not a youngster anymore
London gave me rain as birthday present yesterday, loads of it… and today it’s sunny again… gotta love it.
feels great to becoming old in London
we got a home and that feels terrific
wrote a little “must do before i’m 35” – list…. life is just starting… have so many great plans.
for one thing, i am gonna get myself a driving license asap… haha, i ‘m gonna be a mess in the roundabouts….they still freaks me out here… i always think i’m sitting next to someone who is suicidal…. no – wrong waaaaaaay
thank you all for your birthday wishes – makes an old lady happy