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i am a coughing slob on antibiotic

it’s super great weather outside, summer came back, everyone is enjoying themselves and i am stuck half sitting in my bed coughing my lungs out (and some nasty shit is coming up, trust me)
i’m eating tomato soup and exploring the world wide web, pissed since i am missing the last episode of Breaking News at work, missing Friday fun and frat party tomorrow.
gonna down another lemsip and dream about California

the surf bar at the pier

Halloween in Santa Barbara

T-shirt shoot at Revision3

checking out the bridge with my beautiful mother


walking closet? all your clothes in a wheeled ice hockey bag*, rather

shit loads of my clothes, well about half of what i own, have been spending the last year in Northern Ireland and yesterday night, my beloved rolling closet (walking closet are so last year) finally arrived to London.

Good timing, there are a lot of warm clothes in there and, well yeah i am freezing at the moment…
and here, remember these?

Mia, you better be proud of me

* we call it “hockey trunk” in Sweden

“Well, I’m trying to find my way home…” “Your way? All ways here are my ways!”

good morning
it’s six o’clock in the morning and i can’t go back to sleep
i was dreaming a wonderland dream, everything was upside down and inside out….
i was dreaming about the past and the last year in my life, i woke up with the feeling of that i just completed a roller coaster ride, a tiny bit shaky, a little bit of adrenalin and the thought “did I just do that?
i went out for a cigarette and i was breathing the fresh country side/summer air, (and the smoke from the nicotine) listening to the birds and i felt and still feel; i love my country.
I’ve been traveling for so long now that I don’t really remember the thought of having a home, i lived in so many places and by the motto Where I lay my head is home, and i loved it.
i still do.
however, being at my mother’s has been the most relaxing thing in years, no worries, what so ever, at all…
and it makes me remember the sweet innocent feeling i had as a kid, that nothing could harm me, and everything could be solved with an ice cream…
The last year, especially, has been a trip, and now that i’ve landed i must say that even if i would have made a few changes, i am very happy with the decisions i made.
I miss San Francisco, my jobs and my friends loads, nevertheless i am very happy where i am, and i know that new adventures are waiting just around the corner…
a new chapter is starting again in the life of Camilla Stenmark
in the near future i’ll be moving on again
i am going to lay my head down and find a place to call home, next to him – that special someone that i love.
and I’ll have some ice cream in the freezer, just to make sure…

my thouhgts a Saturday morning at six o’clock

Gina is amazing

look at this absolutely gorgeous!!!
my friend Gina is an amazing photographer
i’m so proud to know her, i wish we worked together (no just making juices) cause she is very talented!!
Gina, if you ever come to Europe, i demand a photo shoot!!! 🙂

go look at her work http://ginabarbara.blogspot.com/