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what is wrong with some of you???

this, among other weird things, you guys are searching for to end up on my blog….

really? “old”?


just saying…..

Then let our actions speak for us! For Adun! For Aiur!

have not been playing for weeks now, to busy with work, lying in the sun and drink beer…
but tonight was a great night with wotsits, snus, HobNobs and StarCraft2.
sat and cursed in Swedish over skype while climbing the ladder in our league… was not too shabby considering it was over 2 weeks since i last played.. my e-key on my keyboard is well used and my back hurts from sitting like a cheese puff in the coach
great night
5/5 pylons

My brother is so fucking awesome

he is ranked no 9 in 2v2 in the world, in the master league
I am so proud of him
he is my sc2 mentor
and both my brother and Gemi have been helping me become a good Protoss player
congratulations guys
i am well proud and happy for you!!!

things i do with a fever

end up in the diamond league after my 4v4 placement matches

you know, nothing special at all, totally normal
i am not bragging, just eh, mentioning it

we are number one (En Taro Tassadar)

no film night, got stuck playing sc2 instead
and now we are number one

no 4

playing some sc2 instead of doing shopping, i am too comfortable in my new cozy clothes
and i am a geek
might do the shopping on tuesday instead….