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Sharing some search terms before i leave

as always… i think it is hilarious

st patrick’s day nail art
– my nails last st patrick’s day, they were a pain in the but to work with
weird public bathroom pictures – hahahaha…. no comments on that
ice truck killer victim fingernails – you are very interested in my nails
milf – an acronym for something I aint…
mia klose fashion – well, the sexiest legs ever


alcohol prostitute

Good morning chickens!!

The title has something to do with this post, don’t you worry

One of my favorite things with having this blog is to read some of the search terms people are using to find their way here.
Camilla Stenmark, and Camilla Stenmark + blog is always on the top list, then there are the weird ones…
here are a few wacky ones that has been surprisingly frequent the last 7 days … just have to share it with you

when do we want it cunt and “when do we want it?” “cunt” (and tons of different variations on that) – Tourettes what can i say?
blog camilla starcraft – hello starcraft players, i wanna start playing again, anyone up for a one in one?
http://www.kerry katona fucking http://www.wtf? she proably is fucking but she is not doing so on my blog.
camilla “doctor who” – come on, can’t we all vote for me as the next assistant?
camilla stockholm – home town
tonårsfitta – my flat mates
camilla long legs – dude, i have the shortest legs in the history
mike patton family – hehe, that’s a plan
alcohol prostitute – again, must be my flat mates, they are well filthy the girls i live with ❤

hilarious and creepy search terms

camilla stenmark nude – stop searching for that, there are no such pictures on the world wide web
“camilla stenmark” “breaking news” – worked with that from London the last 6 weeks
naked swedes – it’s been a lot of searches for naked lately…
camilla danzig – one of my coolest interviews i’ve done
camilla sweden starcraft 2 – one of the most popular searches… diamond league*
rich hall london – yeah, a very drunk night
mia klose – one of my favorite women
en taro tassadar – geeks ❤
sidecuts hair porn video – seriously? i don’t even know what that means…

when i had a sidecut

*in 4v4

you guys are hilarious

it is time to share again,
search terms for my blog… picked a few ones that stood out

life short, eat bacon
yeah pretty much my philosophy (don’t tell that to 15 years old me who is a veggie)
pussy with jewelry
i think you were looking for something different than the glam pussy i’ve been writing about
t shirt tardis
the best t-shirts
never too late-mia klose
good search term, quit common, check out http://miaklose.com/
girls put in cage
again, i think you were searching for something totally different…

who searched for “a little bit of fucking”

and ended up on my blog?
why and how disappointed were you are my next 2 questions…

did you look for this to end up on my blog?

лето ребенок цветы (means summer baby flowers) i have no idea
stacraft 2 league placement master sc2 is always on the search list
fucking sunday beer what are these people expecting to find?
stenmark weekend ,,,
rooms sexy hot.
mike patton a top search term
tonårsmusar bonke

some cool search terms for my blog

been up since 2 am London time and am quit tired now, think it’s time for bed now but leave you with some of the search terms for my blog that are quit interesting

girl with snus (that’s me)
mike patton with friends (how disappointed was the people who ended up on my site?)
stenmark boots (who is searching for that?)
camilla sc (haven’t actually played for a while)
sexually attractive older females (well… what can i say… i like the attractive part but older??)
how to be attractive at 50 years old (what the f##k)