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now i wish i was in SF

so i could go see the very talented Mr Mike Patton
I adore that guy and wish one day we could work on a project together, that is for sure on my bucket list.
please everyone i know in San Francisco, go see that show and send me some pictures, well, fuck the pictures, just go and see it, cause its so worth it
i am jealous.
I’m gonna see some cows tomorrow, that’s pretty cool too, i guess…


few pics from today


the brother in action

me and my niece

midsummer dinner

brother and Rickard

it’s great being back “home”
had a awesome time with granny
met my lovely niece
staying with Rickard, drinking Jager and laughing my ass off
i am not attending cool parties in SF but I’ll spend the night kicking my brother’s ass in Star Craft
same same but different… ?

Life… always the same. People come, people go. Nothing ever happens.

So many beautiful people
so many to miss
I spent the morning under my blanket looking at pictures on facebook
some pictures captured a short period that will never happen again
and many of the people I will never meet again
people coming and people going
I miss so many of YOU

just a piece of meat

When i read this, about babies in cellophane, I’m thinking about when i made these
Barbies covered in ground beef…

it was for an exhibition and ATA in SF turned in to the red light district
I was contributing with the girls that was “just a piece of meat”
and i was also modeling for the big canvas that was covered in peepholes…

flip from San Fransisco

My flipcam has been with me for a while now
almost 17 months… that’s a long relationship

some stuff we did in San Francisco