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13 items

Everything £2 each
Love when Trade has sale
Now I’m off to Morrissons to spend moneys on food


Good Housekeeping Tip:

Always keep several get well cards on the mantel…..
So if unexpected guests arrive, they will think you’ve been sick and unable to

Today I am gonna be so domestic
cleaning, shopping, cooking and doing laundry
planning to reward myself with sc2 and crisps tonight
Any takers?
some fun pictures from yesterday are coming up later… so you are welcome back in a while
now, house wife time

sushi and nail art

Primark was beyond crazy today, so many people, Hanna got some cool things and i can proudly say that i did not buy a single thing.
I brought Hanna to my favorite sushi pick and mix place Wasabi

my belly was still upset and i did not feel tip top but what the hell, the salmon made me feel a little bit better…
billion of hours at work, was so tired and my stomach ache was killing me but it was fun to meet the people again, some of them are just completely nuts and great!
came home to find 2 small packets waiting for me, one of them contained this

nail art…
i’m gonna pimp my nails tomorrow – for sure
but first i have to make an important phone call…. we might move soon… hopefully

This is exactly why i did not get an account earlier…

…window shopping on ebay… (screen shopping?)
This is exactly why i did not get an account earlier, you can get everything there…. and it’s just a few clicks away,
I bought and paid for a few $0.01 (yes one cent) items just to build up a history as a reliable ebay user.
hoping to sell my shoes… i guess i have to wait until the last hours until the biding will start? i hope they sell, i think the price is beyond fair enough, right?
Any experienced Ebay people out there? how do i do?
I have a few dresses and pieces of clothes that i am gonna put up there too, Curry is so happy about that, my clothes are everywhere in our tiny (fucking, disgusting, shithole-) flat, and he was happily hoping that i would sell it all. Well happily until he realized how easy it is to buy things….
well, no shopping this month, saving every penny, (except a few of them 0.01 items) so we can move next month.
but i would love to get….

just looking -not buying

Shopping at Oxford st…

….sounds so much classy than the actual truth, “shopping at Primark”
but the store is located at Oxford st, so i am not lying.

Jennifer is posing

i look like i just #### myself
me and Jennifer from Dublin did a massive stroll around the store, lost each other a bunch of times, found each other again and left with a huge Primark bag each, very happy!
Got the absolutely best gift for Linda, i did show here over skype and she laughed so much

a sneak peak, she will show you later in her blog when she’ll get it
maybe she will even get it personal delivered… more about that later…
It’s raining outside, gotta love London
Trying to get a hold of Jenny and Klara, wanna do my nails!!!!

back from Primark

we went to the small one, the tube was closed and neither of us felt well.
Strolled around in Kilburn, love, love, LOVE this area
Found some cool things at Primark, a ring, shades and socks, tons of socks, the fall is here.

me and my Primark bag

my new shades, 50p

coming through, coming through, lady with a baby. …

thanks to you all that voted for me and my niece, my sister in law and i went for some shopping with our gift cards we won

i did not get this

and she did not get this

but  i really really wanted that Robot…
it’s scary to walk around with a woman that is due any second, i had my brother on speed dial and was spotting cabs, just if we would have to go to the hospital…
no baby birth today, looking forward to see my little nephew, any day now… well about 2 weeks

hope to be able to convince Rickard to play Star Craft with me again, i’m kinda addicted now 🙂