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welcome to my nail factory

i’m up today, been sleeping so much the last couple of days
really been ill
i just have to go to work tomorrow, really don’t have a choice…
been looking at nails on the world wide web
found this video and got really inspired

painting some new ones… i’ll show the result later… if my shaky hands can manage to make some cool design


still sick

was trying to go to work today but my body is still a sick, non functional piece of jelly.
sleeping and dreaming about summer and happiness
I need to go to Stockholm soon, Louise has probably just landed, i am so jealous! I wanna be there and play with my niece and nephew
i need to stop being sick

Stockholm last summer

from one overall to another

my work outfit today
i must have caught a bug, i just felt sicker and sicker every minute
in bed now in my cow one piece that i stole from Linda ( i get u a new one after pay day… a tiger one or maybe a camouflage? )
feel feverish and my whole body hurts
gonna sleep now

actually under the duvet, Curry just wanted to take a picture of me, he said i was the cutest looking sick cow he’d ever seen

not the smartest thing to do

felt a little bit better this morning, went out for a morning cigarette, now my throat hurts again
so what did a learn today?
1. cigarettes and bad throat don’t mix well
2. i knew that already, so i’m just stupid
3. i’m obviously still sick

drinking tea and will go back to sleep, my beautiful friend Lousie is in town this weekend i’m dying to meet her tomorrow, and I have a meeting Monday i don’t have time to be sick!!!

i need compassion *

Im starving, my throat hurts,  i want to make myself some tomato soup but i have no energy whatsoever.
The walk to the shower nearly killed me, i’m not sure if it was worth it, super hot water is nice though – and i smell lovely, but the energy i wasted walking and standing,
Don’t think im capable to stand up again, boil some water and mix it with tomato soup powder…
i need my hubby to come home

*or maybe i should just go to sleep and quit being such a baby about having a cold

Rudolph with your nose so bright, won’t you guide my sleigh tonight?

the Shepherd’s pie was amazing
i know, you probably say ” picture or it didn’t happen”, and can honestly say that i did not take a picture of the food this time, after all the build up… and i can’t even show you a freaking picture….
The reason why, is
1. i have cotton in my head (i told you before)
2. the smell was. so. adorable. so we where like two cave men… we ate it all before i even had a chance to think camera

working from home today, writing, researching and…  sneezing.
keep em ginger tea coming

update: i want to drink tea from this cup instead!!!

Can someone get me icecream!??!!?!

the kettle is boiling for the second time this morning
I’m freezing and sneezing, I think I’m getting a cold…
it feels like my head is stuffed with cotton.
drinking tea with tons of ginger and i’m gonna try so sleep some more
(but it’s hard to fall asleep while constantly blowing your nose)

at least the sun is shining