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Its disappearing


“A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water”

~Carl Reiner
and i agree

cooked tons of dinner when i got home, gonna watch peep show and eat chips drenched in vinegar.
because its freezing outside.
really “f”ing cold.

happy advent

i lit the first candle!!!!

we are getting ready to go out and get lost in the dark, cold snow… we’re gonna take the train that will probably get stuck somewhere on the way because it’s so freaking cold. did i mention that i don’t like snow?

and funny news, i convinced Linda to join twitter… please say hi to her if you have an account, she is a noob 🙂

i don’t like snow

many people ‘ve asked me why i moved to California in the first place…. this is the answer; snow, i do not like to be cold and i hate snow, hate the winters in Sweden…
why would anyone want to go outside when this is what you see through the window?

Nooooo pt2

well first off, good thing is i’m in London and not in Sweden, checked facebook this morning and couldn’t help to see that nearly every Swede’s status had something to do with snow…. Winter comes early this year
why i am saying “noooo”, well i’m going back for a week in November and I do not look forward to this;

picture from Linda
last time i was in Sweden, it was this warm;

can’t wait to see my niece and nephew though

sweden, warmer than last time?

i am really exited to go back home for a few weeks
Summer in Sweden is amazing!!
Stockholm during the summer is one of the most beautiful places in the world…
I wanna walk around Djurgarden, have a coffee in Kungstradgarden…
and watch the sunrise from the top of a car while drinking a cup of tea, just before I go to bed, 4 in the morning…
i hope it’s warmer than last time i was there… 🙂

we’re building a shed

my tiny snowman

snow snow snow

can i wear flip flops?