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i can’t believe it!!!

Thank you Louise, you’re THE BEST!!!!
Got, snus, dipp and candy
The best candy in the world!!!!
Totally worth waking up at 3am for


my own designed smörgåsbord

Swedish coffee, falukorv och snabbmakaroner, gott och blandat, suburban shit pizza, kebab, bregott, skogaholmslimpa, smörgåsrån, snus, piggelin, cola remmar, djungelvrål, cinnamon buns, viol tabletter, tablettaskar, dilldipp, Estrellas grillchips, Arla mjölk, saft, blodpudding, chorizo….
here i come

getting ready for Sweden

Preparing my “snus-lip” with some snus I got from my boss.
After this week’s last episode of Breaking News I am going home to get my bag and theeeeen; off to the airport!!!!
I. Can. Not. Wait.


steak wrapped in bacon

salad with mozzarella

apple pie made by Jenny

and some snus with that
dancing to and watching så ska det låta with Alexandra was a blast, now it’s time for bed, we are gonna watch the cows tomorrow
oh the life of a farmer

Swedish happiness

a few days ago i cried out on facebook that i needed snus!
Yesterday Louise gave me one pack that she had her sister bring to me from Sweden
And today, my ex co worker, Maria, brought me a whole stock !!!!
She came by my work and made a fellow Swede very very happy
Going to meet her for a drink tomorrow after work, it’s been five and a half years since last one… my leaving party before i moved to California… times flies huh!?
thank you Myris!!!
Sooo happy with snus under my lip
have to be at work tomorrow at 8 so gonna slip in to bed next to my man

Work is the curse of the drinking classes…

had a great time out with the girls

i am having a nice little hangover and an awesome breakfast

Thank you mom for the snus
thank you Jenny for bringing it

today i am going to do a little bit of shopping, this woman and this woman can expect a little package soon

i’ve been a good girl