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nail inspiration

i really wanna do my nails…
i am thinking of making them myself, much cheaper and they will be very individual…
look at these, so cool.

these are really cool, but i wonder how functional they are? i’ll probably wont be able to play star craft…?

maybe i should just go for this design?


i’ve dreamt about clothes hangers

after 5 days at work my brain finally gather the experience and starts processing it… fabrics, colors, folding and hanging, that was my night.
today i am not gonna leave this room.
the only person who can make me move today is Jenny, if she calls and want me to do anything for her i’ll do it.
otherwise, no.
the reason?
This. (Lotta, it’s not powder, it is snow. så det så!)
and the fact that I am off today and don’t need to use my poor feet for anything!!
gonna eat tons and play starcraft.
Curry is going to Christmas party with his job tonight, and is working during the day, so its just me, the fridge and the probes the whole saturday.

“keep your hands on the keyboard!!”

he says and hit me with a ruler on my fingers….
i have my own personal teacher in Starcraft2, my brother is trying to teach me how to play starcraft like a pro, i am warping in my units like a motherfucker and feel that my mapcontrol is a little bit more solid.
“don’t supply block yourself” he screams and i am building more pylons, wonder how long it will take before Kespa calls me and ask me if i wanna join one of their teams as a pro gamer?
I was in the top of my leauge the thing that is sinking me now is that, since i don’t have a gamin partner i have to play in random mode and i end up with people that play like c###s 🙂
I am telling my “partner” when he in the midgame only
 have 7 probes, to build more probes, his answer:
“no thanks”
well great, good luck with your economy then, no wonder you can’t defend your base….
anyone wanna be my gaming partner???? 🙂

morning thoughts

as  you can read on my twitter feed, i played StacCraft2 yesterday
damn that was fun, haven’t tried it until now, and i am so pleasantly surprised.
My brother gave me a chance to get to know the new features by letting me play a game against the computer, I won, I was ready, i teamed up with my brother and we kicked the whole Internet’s ass
(that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but… kids, come on, let me have this one)
so anyone out there wanna meet Team Stenmark in StarCraft2… just let me know…
On another note, my voice is weird and i am Ms mumbling today, and i’m supposed to record a voice over today… wish me luck
and…. I got Barbie nails


damn you Rickard, my shoulder hurts…
i got introduced to BFME2
and, it’s pretty, fucking, funny...
i like the fact that my units has some form of ability to think when they are fighting, especially compare to stupid Dragoons that can’t even chew gum and walk at the same time, not to mention fighting… yes I’m talking to you Star Craft…
I’m still not well and i need your sympathies

this is not too good huh?

i'm pretty screwed