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this little lion niece wants to go to the Disney store in Kopenhagen

My niece absolutely love cars, i would love to see her stroll around surrounded by disney toys, especially cars.
If you click here
and click the little button says; rösta you could help her get the chance to win
no registration, it takes 10 seconds and you can do it once a day
it would mean the world to me if she won

Alexandra in a tractor wearing her Lightning McQueen hoodie
click here and vote!!


i played football with my niece

was visiting Sweden and went down to my mum with my brother and my niece and had a great week.
quality time with my family!!

having super cozy quality time with my niece

and yeah, thank god for the GPS in the iPhone
yesterday I got lost in the neighborhood i lived in for 19 years….
with a pregnant hungry woman, and a one and a half years old little tired girl (thank god for raisin) (long story, but just lets say i’m thankful for them too) I was starving as well and we couldn’t find our way home…
we asked for directions but here’s a thing about me, (especially when i’m starving) when someone explains more than 3 different directions to me, i just can’t stay focus, I just keep nodding… so did Linda
so we smiled (and said thank you, i’m raised with manners) , turned around, grabbed for the phone and used the maps app.

did i tell you that I grew up in this neighborhood???

Stockholm, here I come!!

just booked a flight to Stockholm, I’m going next Monday!!!
(thank u my wonderful mother)
I can’t wait
going to see my family and friends

picture from here
unfortunately i am still broke as f##k…

welcome to the blog world Linda!!

My sister in law has a new blog,
it’s in Swedish… but go in and say hi (she speaks english)!!!
we are in the same competition, u can probably understand what she writes here
now, give her some visitors and write her a comment 🙂