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still sick

was trying to go to work today but my body is still a sick, non functional piece of jelly.
sleeping and dreaming about summer and happiness
I need to go to Stockholm soon, Louise has probably just landed, i am so jealous! I wanna be there and play with my niece and nephew
i need to stop being sick

Stockholm last summer


today a year ago

(got the idea from Linda)
Ronan was here to visit us in Sweden, i took the Irish men around in freezing Stockholm.

Pure awesomeness

my beautiful Stockholm

Yesterday was the first cold day in weeks
Met up with my beautiful friend Veronika
Ended up in her apartment listening to good old rock music with snacks and gossip.
Pure awesomeness
some people you just know you always gonna love

matching stripe shirts haha

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.  ~Elisabeth Foley

i shaved my head

just one side though
i kinda love it

the search for a T6

one little screwdriver was missing
me and Rickard was on the mission find that effing tool
i estimated an hour, it took us the whole day
how hard can it be to find the screwdriver without spending a fortune and/or buy a whole toolkit?
well i tell you this, it’s impossible
had some sightseeing in Stockholm… such a beautiful city
if you haven’t been here yet – you have to come and visit!!!

chip and dale are searching for the perfect tool

the fountain we would have had a swim in if we would win worldcup

few pics from today


the brother in action

me and my niece

midsummer dinner

brother and Rickard

it’s great being back “home”
had a awesome time with granny
met my lovely niece
staying with Rickard, drinking Jager and laughing my ass off
i am not attending cool parties in SF but I’ll spend the night kicking my brother’s ass in Star Craft
same same but different… ?

plans for Stockholm

i am going to stay with one of my absolutely best friends in Stockholm
the one and only Rickard
“no space healthy ” – are you ready for chip and dale?
he is a great photographer too

Camilla Stenmark

photo by Rickard