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a cold coke in the sun

Late lunch today, gonna half sleep in the sun for a while now


this week looks promising

and i am up way too early…
hard to sleep when it’s so hot

summer is here!!!!

lunch in the park with Hanna, I did not want to go back to work after… for obvious reasons…

the pictures of the flowers are mainly for my sister in law and my mother
when are you coming here?
and how is the weather in Sweden?

sweden, warmer than last time?

i am really exited to go back home for a few weeks
Summer in Sweden is amazing!!
Stockholm during the summer is one of the most beautiful places in the world…
I wanna walk around Djurgarden, have a coffee in Kungstradgarden…
and watch the sunrise from the top of a car while drinking a cup of tea, just before I go to bed, 4 in the morning…
i hope it’s warmer than last time i was there… 🙂

we’re building a shed

my tiny snowman

snow snow snow

can i wear flip flops?