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convincing myself to do something useful today

Spent the whole day in bed watching Dexter while eating like a pig yesterday.
Started with McDonald’s continued with a big bowl of Mac n cheese and the last 2 episodes if season 1 I was accompanied by a big plate of bacon.
One could say that I had a very fulfilling Saturday.
I promised myself that I am going to do something useful today, so some catching up on dishes, vacuuming and grocery shopping is on the agenda today.
Basically because the goal is to go to bed early, with shitloads of home made mexican food (enough so I can bring to work tomorrow) and start season 2 of Dexter in a fresh, clean house…


in bed with Cher Lloyd

I have a half naked blond Swede in my bed
she just came in and let herself in under my duvet… 🙂

oh Sundays…. love them

having the best cozy Sunday evvvaaa

loving the new place
i feel all harmonic and awesome and stuff

gonna hug the shit out of Louise when she gets home
eating after eight, drinking coffee and going through some mails, have some cool, creative ideas ahead of me, looking forward to work with a very talented (and hot as fuck) woman…
yes my friends, life is awesome, 2011 is awesome

Bengal kittens

picture from; http://cacchiones.com/images/PRINCESS/kitten/bengal%20kitten.jpg
Sunday morning and I am googling Bengal Kittens, darn they are cute… Bengal cats have “wild-looking” markings, such as large spots, rosettes, and a light/white belly, and a body structure reminiscent of the Asian Leopard Cat.
There is no time or room for one now plus it would probably make me sneeze… (though it’s been told to be a “allergy friendly”)
maybe one day… they are so beautiful

Oh it’s such a perfect day,

i can’t even tell you how happy it makes me to finally have internet access at home.
I’ve been arranging a lot of necessaries this week, bank accounts, paper work, meetings and yesterday I went to sign up with 3 for MiFi.
Next step is the iPhone 4, but it has to wait a while, just one soul provider in this duo and I’m not one of them – yet.
Bank holiday tomorrow and we are haing a 3 day weekend. Lovely.
Watching grand prix, the whole bed is full of the Sunday paper, the kettle is boiling,  tea and toast under the duvet, legs wrapped around legs AND the laptop on the top of everything….
I’m connected to the world
now i’m gonna continue to find what’s happening on the world wide web