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getting ready for Sweden

Preparing my “snus-lip” with some snus I got from my boss.
After this week’s last episode of Breaking News I am going home to get my bag and theeeeen; off to the airport!!!!
I. Can. Not. Wait.


the national day of Sweden

i want meatballs and pickled herring
but i had garlic bread, an early shift at work and Louise instead… pretty awesome
looking forward to when i have all my Swedish bitches here and we’re gonna party like only vikings can

on thursday i am gonna eat a steak

i am so sick and tired of tuna now… (well, mostly been pizza, but you know, it’s the idea guys)

on another note, gonna book my ticket to Sweden tomorrow, got the news that i am off a few days in May, gonna have some Stenmark time
so fucking pumped!!

“I am not an Athenian or a Greek, I am a citizen of the world”

– Socrates

Sweden is so beautiful in the summer, i need to go back and hang out with my family and just stroll around in my gorgeous motherland.
Sverige är verkligen så underbart vackert!

Wanna go down to my mom and have great dinners on the porch…

drinking my last cup of coffee

for this year…
on my way to work soon, picked up an extra shift, (we’re not gonna do something special tonight anyway, we’re waiting until tomorrow; new year, Curry’s birthday and we’ll have awesome visit from San Francisco.) so i am letting one of the younger kids have the day off…
This year has really been something, I lived in Sweden, Ireland and now London… been flying quit a lot.
really had the chance to spend quality time with my family and my best friend.
Im gonna write a 2010 resume, but i have to hop in the shower and get to work…
I’ll do it later but here is a video from the life in Ireland.
Love you guys and thank you for been amazing readers, it’s quit many of you, I do wonder who you are and why you are reading…
the commenting part is not your strongest side ❤

i’ve been looking through the pictures of 2010… gonna pick a few and show you
overall it’s been amazing, and yes, next year is gonna be smashing!!!!


I’m home, in the land of Vikings, Volvos and hot blondes.. and Snow!!!
Damn it’s cold, im actually glad Ryan air are bitches about their luggage rules, I’m layered up to my teeth with all the clothes that didn’t fit into my carry on luggage.

5am in London waiting for the bus

the airplane

Sweden from above

standing on Swedish ground

standing on Swedish ground

it was amazing to meet my brother and the family, been hanging out with the kids and got lovely home cooked swedish food.
And i got an early christmas present… the best ever!!!
Perfect for a geek like me,  I’ll show you in another post, come back later 😉
here’s a hint: FruktEinar

right now i am on the plane

on the way to my birth country, for you who does not know where that is, this picture is for you…

talk to you soon