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an end of an era… teenage kids on their way

this room is gonna be chaos, 4 girls in one room, i don’t even know for how long, and Frenchy is bringing a friend over as well, the house is gonna be full of crazy french and swedish women.
sounds like a dream huh?
It’s raining outside and I’ve been watching episode after episode of Doctor Who, i think i am in love, i want my own crazy man with a box.
Starting with plan “cleaning the house before the kids get home” so its nice and tidy before they’ll mess everything up again.
Miss my little Becca and I am looking forward to meet the sister
i’m building up my Swedish army again, slowly but surely

kids, what do you want for dinner?


chuck norris doesnt tea bag… he potato sacks

and… i had some spuds
had the weirdest dreams last night, woke up and wanted to tell my girls about it but the room was empty.
and i felt lonely…
has this gone to far? we’re not Huey, Dewey and Louie, but Bonke, Bonke and Bonke
One of the Bonkes are starting working with me on Saturday, how inseparable are we gonna get?

Only two types of people wear sunglasses indoors. Blind people and assholes

im not blind

we came too late to actually sing karaoke, but it was still time to drink
so drank we did and back we will come
(hangover yoda is typing)
i adore these girls, we had the greatest conversations; drunken, swedish, raw – girl conversations
got the best idea for nail design…
Another thing i adore is my new vest, three pounds at Primark…

this woman was cool as fuck, great whiskey voice