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new artwork

My Christmas gift from 2 very promising artists are finally up on my wall.


I want to say Happy Birthday to this talented and beautiful woman

the mother of my niece and nephew
the wife of my brother
my friend and
my sister in law, Linda!!!

if you want to make her happy today on her birthday you should click here to like her company’s facebook page
and here to read the same company’s blog.

this little lion niece wants to go to the Disney store in Kopenhagen

My niece absolutely love cars, i would love to see her stroll around surrounded by disney toys, especially cars.
If you click here
and click the little button says; rösta you could help her get the chance to win
no registration, it takes 10 seconds and you can do it once a day
it would mean the world to me if she won

Alexandra in a tractor wearing her Lightning McQueen hoodie
click here and vote!!

i am so happy

look at this, my first huvudfoting
I was skyping with my niece a few weeks ago and she painted ME, Linda sent it to me in the mail.

look at it, i have a massive ear
it’s so cute
this needs to be framed!

Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.

on thursday i am gonna eat a steak

i am so sick and tired of tuna now… (well, mostly been pizza, but you know, it’s the idea guys)

on another note, gonna book my ticket to Sweden tomorrow, got the news that i am off a few days in May, gonna have some Stenmark time
so fucking pumped!!

my nephew is a star

help him become the face of a baby magazine in Sweden for one issue
all you have to do is go here and click rösta
(vote in Swedish)
you, my friends are the best, remember last year
thanks to you, me and my niece ended up at shared second place
please help us again, it takes less than 15 sec