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the best 80’s female costume goes to…

I won!!!
Thank you for voting!!
Let’s have some wine 🙂


Swedish happiness

a few days ago i cried out on facebook that i needed snus!
Yesterday Louise gave me one pack that she had her sister bring to me from Sweden
And today, my ex co worker, Maria, brought me a whole stock !!!!
She came by my work and made a fellow Swede very very happy
Going to meet her for a drink tomorrow after work, it’s been five and a half years since last one… my leaving party before i moved to California… times flies huh!?
thank you Myris!!!
Sooo happy with snus under my lip
have to be at work tomorrow at 8 so gonna slip in to bed next to my man


this tweet made me really happy


got my giftcard from Ahlens!!!

the giftcard

And it all thanks to YOU who voted for me
thank you for all the “gilla”
i ended up as number 3, but got a shared 2nd price
Thank YOU

and the winner is…

…not me, i did not win
i want to thank you all for helping me out here, but the girl in the pajamas top (?) got the most gilla and won the competition
Me and Linda did end up in top 10 and will get a gift card worth 1000:-

number 3 and 5

I wont harass you guys to gilla that f#####g cherry dress anymore…
well, at least you learned a swedish word 🙂

thank you for your "gilla'

link to me – me like

thank you Hanna Fridén for the link