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fed and tired

gorgeous pizza night with cold beer and movies
glad i did not go out tonight
i am so ready to go to bed
football the whole weekend, going to bring home made pizza for lunch to work tomorrow.
tomorrow night i have editing on the schedule…

good night chickens


while some of you are drinking you balls off

i am getting ready to go to sleep, I am so weak after being sick and i had one hell of an interesting day today.. i am completely wrecked!
Loved working today, I (once again) learned so much, but it was a long day…
Gonna have a good night’s sleep and be fresh and ready to enjoy my day off tomorrow.
I am thinking home made apple pie for brunch, thoughts?

good morning my dear friends

had a proper sleep in, first time in Sweden this time, My brother took the kids up to granny and told the kids that “auntie need to sleep, she is not used to this”
he is so right, being an auntie to toddlers is a fulltime job and i am wrecked.
in a good way tho
been relaxing with the laptop while listening to Bowie (anyone chocked?) Bewlay brothers is one of the best songs in the world. period.
Now Kev came in to my room and we swop Bowie for Giggle bellies, not to shabby either 🙂
okej friends, time for coffee

sushi and nail art

Primark was beyond crazy today, so many people, Hanna got some cool things and i can proudly say that i did not buy a single thing.
I brought Hanna to my favorite sushi pick and mix place Wasabi

my belly was still upset and i did not feel tip top but what the hell, the salmon made me feel a little bit better…
billion of hours at work, was so tired and my stomach ache was killing me but it was fun to meet the people again, some of them are just completely nuts and great!
came home to find 2 small packets waiting for me, one of them contained this

nail art…
i’m gonna pimp my nails tomorrow – for sure
but first i have to make an important phone call…. we might move soon… hopefully

started well early this morning

i had a cigarette date with wonderful Klara in the morning

See how tired i am

was done at five, but so tired i almost fell asleep in the bus home
and yeah, having a bit of midlife crisis too… nothing special…
what the fuck am i doing with my life???
i think i found a gray hair!!!!

My head is like lettuce
Go on dig your thumbs in
I cannot stop giving in
I’m thirty-something

and yeah, we are not taking the apartment, the move in cost is too much… we have to wait another month and then look again.
Fucking brilliant!

i am too cozy in my bed

i really should go up go to Tesco and get soda
and then i should do a lot of things before i take the bus to work and wont be home until late
but the bed is too comfy
maybe another 20 minutes?

Zombie tuesday

My body is dead from yesterday, could not wake up this morning at all.
At the office now and drinking coke and trying to sit up properly, maybe I have to start coffee again…. I’m a zombie
On the other hand this is going to be an exciting day!!!