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what A DAY!!!

Had a really interesting day, my new role involves a really cool project!
Working with awesome people and I am so stoked…
I’m on the way home now and afraid that if I close my eyes I’ll fall asleep, tired but so happy.
Considering a home alone spa tonight but there is a big chance I’ll just get into bed and hug my pillow as soon as I get home.
Have a few emails to go through tho and probably a few phone calls to make too.
Maybe with a glass of wine in my cozy pants?


i’m aaaaall by myseeeeelf

Live show done, need to fix a few things at the office, and it’s oh so quit
It’s oh so still
You’re all alone
And so peaceful until….

what did you guys do yesterday?

I bet you didn’t spend the day out on a boat on the Thames with bbq, drinks and tiny bathrooms…

well i did
despite my massive hang over i woke up with on Saturday morning i managed to get dressed and meet my people half way decent… (thanks to Becca and Louise who were acting like the little mice in Cinderella)
The boat trip was fantastic, in the later part of the day the sun came out and we passed by Big Ben (or “that fucking watch”) right at 6 o clock, was quit cool to hear it ring.

and happy birthday Maria!!!

while im at work making money

i’m gonna show you a reason why i love my co workers

not only because they are hot and photogenic
but because they like beer, just like me

sushi and nail art

Primark was beyond crazy today, so many people, Hanna got some cool things and i can proudly say that i did not buy a single thing.
I brought Hanna to my favorite sushi pick and mix place Wasabi

my belly was still upset and i did not feel tip top but what the hell, the salmon made me feel a little bit better…
billion of hours at work, was so tired and my stomach ache was killing me but it was fun to meet the people again, some of them are just completely nuts and great!
came home to find 2 small packets waiting for me, one of them contained this

nail art…
i’m gonna pimp my nails tomorrow – for sure
but first i have to make an important phone call…. we might move soon… hopefully

off to meet Hanna

for some shopping at Oxford st (well, she is shopping, i am… just looking)
and having lunch before i start working again… 4 days off, i don’t know if i remember how to fold things properly

started well early this morning

i had a cigarette date with wonderful Klara in the morning

See how tired i am

was done at five, but so tired i almost fell asleep in the bus home
and yeah, having a bit of midlife crisis too… nothing special…
what the fuck am i doing with my life???
i think i found a gray hair!!!!

My head is like lettuce
Go on dig your thumbs in
I cannot stop giving in
I’m thirty-something

and yeah, we are not taking the apartment, the move in cost is too much… we have to wait another month and then look again.
Fucking brilliant!